Why SellerFlix?

SellerFlix was born from an Amazon Seller

Eli started his business on Amazon in 2009 with almost no budget. He ordered two products in very small quantities from a China vendor he found on Alibaba and listed them on Amazon. He quickly realized it was very difficult to sell products on the World’s number one marketplace by just listing products so he started studying and analyzing the ins and outs of to figure out the best ways and methods to generate and improve sales. After a couple of years he started generating considerable sales every year on

Once the business started growing, he realized it was very hard to keep up with sales, overstock, inventory forecasts and too many other aspects of the Amazon business that he created.

He also realized that Amazon was not perfect in terms of fulfillment fees and found that he was being overcharged for far too many orders and fees to ignore. The reports provided by Amazon was cumbersome and needed a lot of time and work to be analyzed. He eventually created his own methods to utilize the information that is provided by Amazon as well as the ones that were not provided. He has worked with several programmers and developers and spent years developing the perfect software that enabled him to sell efficiently by monitoring the inventory, get alerts on items before they run out of stock, figure out the excess/overstock inventory, easily find out FBA fees that were being overcharged, find out the profits on promotions, automate emailing process to customers and several other features.

Our vision

Eli says “Starting a business is easy. Maintaining and growing a business what most people fail at. Without the help of my software I wouldn’t be able to generate $26 million sales on Amazon up to date. SellerFlix provides all the tools I use to monitor, manage and grow my business on a daily basis.

It’s the backbone of my business and makes my life easier by reducing the amount of time I spend on analyzing all the data to make smart decisions easily about my business. It also saves me a lot of money as I don’t have to employ others to manage various tasks. I can do all of the work myself utilizing the software by spending very little time.”

SellerFlix is in it’s early stages of being offered to Amazon sellers and tons of new features are being worked on a daily basis and added as developed. Manage your business like a pro with SellerFlix.

What our Customers Say

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“This software makes inventory management a breeze. I find Amazon Seller Central reports to be not accurate and also takes a lot of time to pull reports and analyze to figure out what I need to order. Amzpro makes all the work for me and provides with accurate forecasts based on my needs (for example I want to keep 2 months of inventory on Amazon based on my last 15 days of sales) and that is impossible to pull from any report on Amazon Seller central. I have also subscribed to feedback gear module that sends automated emails to my customers. All in all it’s one of the very few good Amazon seller softwares out there.”


Good software, especially for inventory management The customization and flexibility of filters for inventory forecasting. User friendly interface. Customer royalty feature. Liquidation feature. ”


“Inventory management is a breeze with this app. I can't thank you guys enough for making a software that saves me at least 8 hours a month to run my Amazon store. Your new add ons for feedback generation and liquidating excess inventory is awesome. For other users reading this: Being an Amazon seller, I'm a subscriber to various software applications from feedback generation to ppc and inventory management. I have not been able to find a software that has everything in it but I also realize it's better to use different apps that specialize in each aspect of my business. ”


“Inventory management, stale inventory, overstock inventory, overcharged FBA fees, etc were taking a lot of my time before. I have tried several software over the past 6 months and found this software on web retailer (thanks) a couple of months ago. Now everything is automated and it saves me a lot of time. I can see everything about my inventory on the dashboard including alerts and recommendations and take actions with a few clicks. I wish it also had eBay and Walmart integrations. I have asked them about this and they told me it's in their future plans. So far I'm loving it.”

David Thompson

My favorite FBA software The only software that I use on a daily basis is this one. The alerts and inventory forecasting features are very useful. The ability to push my excess inventory to find and slickdeals is a big one for me. Just click on products and sending them to those sites saves a ton of time for me. I would love it if the software also had PPC and sponsored products related modules. If they also release that then I would possibly only use this software. Overall the best software for me so far.”


“The only application I use. Staying on top of my inventory and FBA fees have become so easy since I started using this application and it saves me a lot of time on my daily Amazon business. I run several reports like long term storage fees, monthly storage fees, overcharged FBA fees etc that I find extremely helpful and cost saving as Amazon seems to be making a lot of “errors” on their charges. I haven’t been able to find the same features in any other software I tested. I recommend this application to everyone. a very well deserved 5 stars.”