SellerFlix Extension

Product search

The best product research tool in the market. Download the chrome extension and with one click, extract a product’s rank, sales volume, estimated revenue and more while you’re on the product page. Or better yet, find out the sales history of all listings for a specific product search term/keyword.

  • Decide If the search product is a worthwhile investment with the most accurate real-time data.
  • See historical sales, historical pricing, and monthly sales estimates instantly.
  • Customize your view to see the data that’s most important for your business like brand, price, monthly sales and rating.
  • View graphs of historical data like monthly sales, price, and rank.
Opportunity Score

The Opportunity Score is a prioritization metric that define how good a product is or how optimal a product is for selling on amazon.

  • Opportunity Score ranging from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the higher your chance for success.
  • The Opportunity Score is calculated by Demand, Competition and Quality.
  • Opportunity Score will helps to understand how much success a product will get on amazon marketplace.
  • Opportunity Score provides a quick and data-rich estimate of your success.
Keyword cloud

Discover high-converting keywords for your listing right away.

  • Analyze the recent years of keywords and highlight the emerging keywords.
  • Uncover which keywords generate the most traffic for your competitors and add them to your listing.
  • It will help to Identify the keywords that have the greatest impact on your listing and PPC advertising.
Product Tracker

Track products for daily sales rank, price history charts, sold units, avg. daily rank, agv. daily revenue etc and keep yourself updated with various stats.

  • Product Tracker lets you see a product’s entire sales history.
  • If wil help to robust view of the product’s history and will judge its potential.
  • It gives you data-driven approach to research.
  • It will help to choose a unique, profitable, in-demand product.