Improve your Seller Feedbacks and Product Reviews

Automate Messages to Buyers

Send automated messages to your buyers after their shipment is delivered to politely ask for a Product Review.

  • Seamless integration with Amazon's API's and Buyer-Seller Messaging system
  • Choose from library of templates as per Buyer-Seller Messaging guidelines
  • Create your own template from start or copy existing
  • Select your filters when to send particular message to your buyers
  • Get list of messages sent to the customers and filter using order Id and message tempalte
Improve Seller Feedback

Ask every customer how their buying experience was and politely ask for a feedback and ratings you need to be at the top

  • Select when to ask your customer for the feedback
  • Get automated email alerts when new feedback received
  • Keep you self updated with the ratings
  • Filter what feedback has been received from your customers
Track Product for Reviews

Product reviews are imperative to your success as an Amazon seller. Add your products for tracking and check how they are doing on Amazon and get automated email notification when customers leave reviews for your product

  • Politely ask your buyer to submit their review upon successfull purchase.
  • Choose when to ask for product between 4 to 30 days after shipment is delivered.
  • Keep you self updated with the reviews received for your products
  • Filter review list using ASIN or star rating for custom date range
Blacklist option for buyer

Save your messages by not sending messages to opted-out buyers. Feedback gear allow you to add buyers to the blacklist who have opted out to received emails and we will never send messages to those buyers

  • Create list of buyers who have opted out from seller messages
  • Download the reports of blacklisted buyers
  • Easily add new or remove any buyer from the list