What our Customers Say

"The only application I use. Staying on top of my inventory and FBA fees have become so easy since I started using this application and it saves me a lot of time on my daily Amazon business. I run several reports like long term storage fees, monthly storage fees, overcharged FBA fees etc that I find extremely helpful and cost saving as Amazon seems to be making a lot of “errors” on their charges. I haven’t been able to find the same features in any other software I tested. I recommend this application to everyone. a very well deserved 5 stars.”

- Mordobono

"My favorite FBA software The only software that I use on a daily basis is this one. The alerts and inventory forecasting features are very useful. The ability to push my excess inventory to find liquidation.com and slickdeals is a big one for me. Just click on products and sending them to those sites saves a ton of time for me. I would love it if the software also had PPC and sponsored products related modules. If they also release that then I would possibly only use this software. Overall the best software for me so far.”

- Marxgoldberg

"Inventory management, stale inventory, overstock inventory, overcharged FBA fees, etc were taking a lot of my time before. I have tried several software over the past 6 months and found this software on web retailer (thanks) a couple of months ago. Now everything is automated and it saves me a lot of time. I can see everything about my inventory on the dashboard including alerts and recommendations and take actions with a few clicks. I wish it also had eBay and Walmart integrations. I have asked them about this and they told me it's in their future plans. So far I'm loving it.”

- David Thompson

"Inventory management is a breeze with this app. I can't thank you guys enough for making a software that saves me at least 8 hours a month to run my Amazon store. Your new add ons for feedback generation and liquidating excess inventory is awesome. For other users reading this: Being an Amazon seller, I'm a subscriber to various software applications from feedback generation to ppc and inventory management. I have not been able to find a software that has everything in it but I also realize it's better to use different apps that specialize in each aspect of my business. ”

- Nancy

"Good software, especially for inventory management The customization and flexibility of filters for inventory forecasting. User friendly interface. Customer royalty feature. Liquidation feature. ”

- Ron

"This software makes inventory management a breeze. I find Amazon Seller Central reports to be not accurate and also takes a lot of time to pull reports and analyze to figure out what I need to order. Amzpro makes all the work for me and provides with accurate forecasts based on my needs (for example I want to keep 2 months of inventory on Amazon based on my last 15 days of sales) and that is impossible to pull from any report on Amazon Seller central. I have also subscribed to feedback gear module that sends automated emails to my customers. All in all it’s one of the very few good Amazon seller softwares out there.”

- Nyra