AUTOMATE your Amazon Inventory Management.

All in one Amazon Management Portal

Sellerflix is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers to manage inventory, sales forecasting, and profit analysis in one place. We help you elevate your business on Amazon with our all-in-one management portal.

  • Excessive Inventory, Know where inventory is costing you
  • AUTOMATE FORECASTING for the next X number of months
  • Default filters to understand inventory and orders better
  • Real time overcharge alerts
  • Get sales trends of your best selling products compared to the previous day
Automate Your Inventory Management Like A Pro

Whether you're an established seller or just a start up, we will always help you to keep your stock up-to-date always and meet all your inventory needs like a pro.

  • Automate your FBA Inventory Management
  • See your inventory total in each state and each FBA fulfillment center
  • See your inventory cost in each state and each FBA fulfillment center
  • See your upcoming FBA long term storage fees
  • Find out your excess inventory
Forecast Sales and Replenish Your Inventory With Ease

Never run out of stock using our powerful sales forecasting tool. Track sales trends and get low inventory alerts to replenish your inventory before it get out of stock.

  • Forecast your inventory needs
  • Customized forecasts for the next “X” number of months
  • Include or exclude promotional orders, in-bound transfers and more.
  • Replenishment Alerts
  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • Excess Inventory Alerts
Analyze Your Profits in
Detailed and Simple Way

Our sales and profit analytics help you to analyse the sales and profits for different time range. With real data, both positive and negative you will be able to track the financial health of your product listing.

  • Profit analytics for different time range
  • Analyze your profit for last 12 month's
  • Get your net profit afte decusting FBA fee
  • Get increasing and declining sales of your best selling products
Customize Sales, Profits and Inventory Reports per your needs

Generate and download your FBA storage, FBA FULFILMENT, Inventory and your sales order reports as per our need.

  • Over-charged FBA Fee Reports
  • FBA/SKU/Order Based Fee Reports
  • Expected and actual FBA Fee Reports
  • FBA Monthly Storage Fee Reports
  • Total Cost Of Inventory Reports
  • Total Value of Inventory Reports
  • Inventory Per Fulfillment Center Inventory Per State